Date of Award

Spring 4-1-2017

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Education (EdD)


Organizational Leadership

First Advisor

Dr. Douglas DeVore

Second Advisor

Dr. Patrick Ainsworth

Third Advisor

Dr. Nicholas Richter

Fourth Advisor

Dr. Patricia Clark White


The purpose of this Delphi study was to identify the professional learning activities that experts perceive are necessary for local education agencies (LEAs) to effectively implement California’s Quality Professional Learning Standards (QPLS) in alignment with the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) Priority 2. The study also examined the degree of importance that the identified professional learning activities will have and those most likely to be implemented. This study involved descriptive statistics using a Delphi study method. The Delphi panel consisted of 18 experts in the field of education and professional learning activities. The Delphi study consisted of 3 rounds of electronic questionnaires. The first round consisted of an open-ended question to elicit professional learning activities that may be necessary for LEAs to utilize in order to effectively implement California’s QPLS in alignment with the LCFF Priority 2. Round 2 requested the expert panelists to rate the degree of importance and likelihood of implementation for each activity that was collected in Round 1. Lastly, Round 3 requested that the panelists review and compare their ratings with the median panel rating for each activity and change their ratings if they so desired. The analysis of quantitative data from the Delphi panel’s ratings indicated that 37 professional learning activities were considered to be of high priority in this study. Secondly, 24 professional learning activities received consensus on high rankings of importance, and 9 professional learning activities received consensus on high rankings of likelihood of implementation. Finally, 8 professional learning activities received consensus on high rankings of importance and likelihood of implementation. Based on the research findings, 7 conclusions were drawn. Further research is advised in the following areas: (a) replication of this study using a different panel with the same criteria, (b) a study to identify the effectiveness of specific professional learning activities that were identified to have high importance in this research, and (c) a phenomenological study at two or more school sites to examine the experiences and perceptions of teachers when engaging in collaborative professional learning activities at their schools of employment.