Date of Award

Spring 4-17-2023

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Education (EdD)


Organizational Leadership

First Advisor

Dr. Tim McCarty

Second Advisor

Dr. Alan Enomoto

Third Advisor

Dr. Jamie Hughes


Purpose: The purpose of this qualitative multicase study was to identify and describe the high-performance work practices (HPWP) of county government management lead negotiators who have negotiated in the collective bargaining agreement (CBA). In addition, it was the purpose of this study to describe the challenges and benefits of negotiating HPWP in the CBA as perceived by management lead negotiators. Lastly, it was the purpose of this study to identify and describe the strategies used by management lead negotiators to mitigate challenges when negotiating HPWP in the CBA.

Methodology: A qualitative multiple-case study methodology was used. I conducted semistructured, in-depth interviews with six management lead negotiators who negotiated county government CBAs. In addition, the interview data were supported by a review and analysis of CBA artifacts.

Findings: Four key findings and two unexpected findings emerged from an examination of the qualitative data:

  1. There are very few HPWP successfully negotiated in county government CBAs.
  2. Lack of trust is a major challenge in negotiating CBA HPWP.
  3. Building trust is an overriding strategy for overcoming challenges in negotiating CBA HPWP.
  4. Morale/retention is the greatest benefit of negotiating CBA HPWP.
  5. Organizational politics pose a major challenge in negotiating CBA HPWP.
  6. Participants identified the finding of mutual gains as a strategy for mitigating challenges in negotiating CBA HPWP.


  • CBA HPWP are seldom used in practice.
  • Trust is foundational for successfully negotiating CBA HPWP.
  • CBA HPWP boosts morale and retention.
  • Politics will undermine efforts to negotiate CBA HPWP.
  • Creating mutual gains is a desired CBA HPWP negotiation strategy.

Recommendations: Further research is recommended about how collective bargaining influences CBA HPWP from additional perspectives in a variety of organizations. Further research is also needed regarding the efficacy of using mutual gains interest-based bargaining (IBB) for CBA HPWP negotiations.