Date of Award

Spring 1-28-2023

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Education (EdD)


Organizational Leadership

First Advisor

Douglas DeVore

Second Advisor

Alan Enomoto

Third Advisor

Lisa Simon


Purpose. This phenomenological study aimed to explore and describe the perceived impact of the infinite mindset and its five essential practices on exemplary elementary principals to inspire the achievement of extraordinary results. A further purpose was to understand the organizational supports and barriers exemplary leaders perceive affect the development of an infinite mindset.

Methodology. This study explored and described the perceived impact of the infinite mindset on inspiring extraordinary results as perceived by exemplary elementary principals in south Los Angeles County. A thematic team of eight peer researchers and four faculty advisors collaboratively developed the semistructured interview protocol used in this study. Purposeful sampling was used to identify the 12 extraordinary elementary school principals.

Findings. The findings from this study indicate that exemplary elementary principals perceive that Sinek’s (2019) infinite mindset framework inspires extraordinary results. The semistructured interviews and artifacts demonstrated 23 identified themes, 11 major findings, and three unexpected findings.

Conclusions. Five conclusions were drawn, offering more profound insight into how exemplary elementary principals perceived the practices of Sinek’s (2019) infinite mindset are embedded within their organization to inspire the achievement of extraordinary results. The conclusions also include the principals’ perceived organizational support and barriers that affect the development of an infinite mindset within their organization. Conscious effort, trust, lifelong learning, leading by example, and being of service to others were perceived as being essential to creating extraordinary results.

Recommendations for Action. Seven recommendations for further research include a larger sample frame, qualitative studies involving middle and high school principals, researching the interdependence and connections of the five essential infinite mindset practices, conducting mixed methods or quantitative research studies, and having another thematic team conduct a replication study. Further research studies must be conducted to add to peer-reviewed literature on the infinite mindset. Lastly, examine the findings from this thematic team’s studies to better understand the relevancy of the infinite mindset as a leadership framework and its applicability in different institutions.