Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Education (EdD)


Organizational Leadership

First Advisor

Johnathan Greenberg

Second Advisor

Cindy Petersen

Third Advisor

Carlos V. Guzman


Purpose: The purpose of this phenomenological study was to describe how exemplary Hispanic entrepreneur women lead from the heart using Crowley’s four principles (building a highly engaged team, connecting on a personal level, maximizing employee potential, and valuing and honoring achievements) to accomplish extraordinary results in their organizations.

Methodology: A qualitative phenomenological research approach was used in this study to illuminate the lived experiences of exemplary Hispanic entrepreneur women. A sample of eight Hispanic entrepreneur women from the target population in Southern California was chosen. The sample of eight Hispanic entrepreneur women was chosen using predetermined criteria. Each participant was interviewed in a semi-structured open-ended interview using an interview protocol designed by a group of peer researchers. The research findings were triangulated using data from artifacts and observations. Using NVivo coding software, transcripts were analyzed and synthesized for themes.

Findings: Examination of the qualitative data from the eight exemplary Hispanic entrepreneur women in this study indicated various findings. Analysis of the data resulted in 18 themes and 568 frequencies among Crowley’s four heart-led principles. From those 18 themes, seven major findings emerged.

Conclusions: Based on the data and supporting literature, four conclusions were drawn: Hispanic entrepreneur women 1) who invest time in learning about employees will effectively motivate, inspire, empower and encourage them to achieve extraordinary results 2) achieve extraordinary results when they advocate for individual and their personal goals and passions to create a meaningful work environment 3) will achieve success by caring for their employees and building collaborative teams 4) who practice self-care to maximize leadership potential empower themselves and those they lead.

Recommendations: Seven recommendations emerged to further examine Hispanic entrepreneur women. Some of the recommendations include research to analyze the role of self-care in Hispanic entrepreneur success, research to target a larger population of Hispanic entrepreneur women across the United States, and a phenomenological study to examine the lived challenges of Hispanic entrepreneur women.