Date of Award

Winter 12-21-2021

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Education (EdD)


Organizational Leadership

First Advisor

Donald Crane

Second Advisor

Doug DeVore

Third Advisor

Susan McDougal


Purpose: The purpose of this qualitative multi-case study was to describe and analyze how schools that implement a STEAM program include the arts in their integrated program. The study focused on 3 K-12 schools in Southern California that are located in the Antelope Valley high desert region of the state. This multi-case study analyzed an elementary school, a middle school, and a high school that are in different districts in the area.

Methodology: This multi-case study used qualitative data to analyze the research questions regarding art infusion in STEAM programs and teacher and leader perspectives. Drawing from interviews of teachers and teacher leaders working in STEAM programs that infuse the arts, this study describes common features of schools implementing an art infused STEAM program.

Findings: The findings from the study indicate that STEAM education programs follow a clear vision that is founded on project-based learning principles that allow students to produce art. The 15 structured interview, artifacts, and researcher notes identified 13 themes, 4 major findings, and 1 unexpected finding.

Conclusions: It is concluded that school districts must work to employ leaders with exceptional qualities, such passionate, vision, and strategic skills in developing community partnerships and building resources. It is also concluded that STEAM schools must designate ample time for teacher collaboration and training in order to engage students in project-based explorative learning.

Recommendations: Further studies can replicate this study in other geographic locations in California. Another study could compare leadership style and qualities from other regions. Comparisons can be made between students in STEAM programs and students not currently in a STEAM program. A study can determine the implications of professional developed for STEAM teachers, leaders, and district staff.