Date of Award

Spring 4-6-2021

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Education (EdD)


Organizational Leadership

First Advisor

Laurie Goodman

Second Advisor

Keith Larick

Third Advisor

George Giokaris


Purpose: The purpose of this mixed methods study was to measure and describe the extent to which mindfulness practices impact veteran teacher perceived stress. In addition, it was the purpose of the study to capture the most effective mindfulness practices of veteran teachers to reduce veteran teacher perceived stress.

Methodology: This study used a mixed methods study research methodology. Data were collected from 15 teachers in the form of answers to the Perceived Stress Scale and interviews to collect their lived experiences. Responses from veteran teachers who have used mindfulness for at least 1 year were analyzed with the objective of detailing specific mindfulness techniques that have helped to reduce their perceived stress. This analysis endeavored to find common themes and specific techniques that were effective at reducing the perceived stress of the veteran teachers who participated in this study.

Findings: This research revealed that veteran teachers were affected by stressors. The teachers in this study felt mindfulness practices have helped them deal with their perceived stress. Furthermore, the most often used mindfulness practice to reduce perceived stress was mindfulness breathing. External sensory and internal sensory mindset mindfulness practices were also used by veteran teachers to reduce perceived stress.

Conclusions: The study concluded that veteran teachers will continue to be affected by stressors. Additionally, this study found that mindfulness practices will reduce veteran teacher perceived stress. Teachers who use breathing, external sensory techniques, or internal sensory mindfulness techniques will reduce their perceived stress. Finally, teachers who choose to teach themselves mindfulness practices will reduce their perceived stress using such practices.

Recommendations: Further research recommendations include studying the relationship between mindfulness as a stress reduction practice and the teacher perceived stress during Year 2 of the COVID-19 pandemic. Another recommendation includes studying the relationship between social-emotional competence and mindfulness as a stress reduction practice. Another further recommendation is studying the effect of mindfulness practices on school culture.