Date of Award

Summer 6-18-2019

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Education (EdD)


Organizational Leadership

First Advisor

Tamerin Capellino, Ed.D

Second Advisor

Jonathan Greenberg, Ed.D

Third Advisor

Christina Goennier, EdD


Purpose: It was the purpose of this study to explore students’ perceptions of the impact of dual enrollment participation on academic preparation and college knowledge prior to their first year of college.

Methodology: This was a qualitative research study that utilized a phenomenological approach to explore the impact of dual enrollment participation. Twelve previous dual enrollment students participated in semi-structure interviews.

Findings: The findings from this research study illustrate the impact of dual enrollment participation. Based on the findings students’ state that dual enrollment participation exposes them to rigorous coursework. Students expressed that they were prepared for college because dual enrollment allowed them to be exposed to what they needed to expect from college whether it was the change from a formulaic to analytical writing style to understanding that in college students are more responsible for their learning and how to critically think. Dual enrollment participation also provides students the opportunity to complete college requirements while still in high school, which allows them to get ahead in college and complete their goal faster. Students perceived dual enrollment as highly beneficial, as it allowed them to experience college coursework with no tuition cost and understand the expectations of what to expect from college. Dual enrollment participation provides students with exposure to college level coursework and provides a good preparation to what college will be like. It eases transition from high school to college. Participation allowed students to have an ease in anxiety because they understood the college system because of being exposed in dual enrollment.

Conclusion: Based on the literature and findings of this study it is concluded that

students who participate in dual enrollment are more prepared for college. Dual enrollment participation decreased time to goal completion. Dual enrollment participation has a positive impact on student understanding of the matriculation process. Dual enrollment participation has a positive impact on student understanding there is a difference in high school and college.

Recommendations: Future research is recommended to further explore the impact of dual enrollment participation.