Date of Award

Summer 8-3-2016

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Education (EdD)


Organizational Leadership

First Advisor

Tamerin Capellino, Ed.D.

Second Advisor

Rob Coghlan, Ph.D.

Third Advisor

Andrew Shean, Ed.D.



Building Structure in a Land without Rules: A Delphi Study to Decipher the Best Avenues to Diminish Cyberbullying in a Middle School Setting

by Dave Kline

Purpose: The purpose of this Delphi study was to identify what policies and procedures were most effective in reducing cyberbullying as perceived by a panel of middle school administrators.

Methodology:This Delphi study asked middle school administrators, through a series of three surveys, to determine the best policies and procedures to manage cyberbullying in a middle school setting. Through the survey process, the panel of experts delineated several policies and procedures that are implemented at various middle schools in the central valley of California. Policies and procedures were analyzed and scored by the experts using a five-point Likert scale. Results were reviewed by the panel as they determined the best policies and procedures to reduce the impact and amount of cyberbullying in the middle school arena. There has been extensive research regarding bullying in schools and there has been an increasing amount of research about cyberbullying as well. However, a review of literature has indicated a gap in research regarding effective policies and procedures implemented at the middle school aimed at aimed at limiting cyberbullying. By quantifying middle school administrators’ responses, through a Delphi study, information indicated which district generated and site generated policies and procedures best assist with the reduction in cyberbullying. The panel also had the opportunity to share their knowledge regarding the results that were generated. The aim vi of the study was to determine the most effective policies and procedures to limit the impact and to reduce the number of cyberbullying incidences in a middle school setting.