Date of Award

Winter 12-21-2017

Document Type

Dissertation - University of Massachusetts Global access only

Degree Name

Doctor of Education (EdD)


Organizational Leadership

First Advisor

Phil Pendley

Second Advisor

Alan Enomoto

Third Advisor

Jamon Peariso


Purpose: The purpose of this study was to identify jobs that experts in the field of agricultural business identify as necessary for high school students to be prepared for in Agriculture in the next five years, to rate the importance of the jobs identified as necessary, and to identify the skills necessary to perform successfully in each of the five most highly rated jobs.

Methodology: The Delphi technique was used to gather data, perceptions and opinions from 12 agricultural experts in the Central Valley of California. Survey participants were identified as experts if they have at least ten years of experience working in the field of agriculture and a minimum of three years of experience in the agricultural field in a management position. Participants must hold a bachelor’s degree or higher in one of the agricultural fields of study. Based upon the data collected, the researcher was able to gain depth of understanding and insight. A total of three rounds of questions were presented to the expert panel group.

Findings: These results gave a clear selection of the top five jobs experts in the field of agriculture identify as necessary for high school students to be prepared for in agriculture the next five years, and led to a consensus among experts about the top five skills experts as necessary to be successful in the top five most highly rated jobs.

Recommendations: Recommendations for action moving forward include studies broken down by county, to determine how many of individuals employed in the agricultural arena have certifications, and degrees, and how many have learned their skills through high school agricultural programs and through internships, to determine the rate job retention and promotion for individuals who began with entry level positions, and to determine whether alignment of high school agricultural programs with certification programs and industry needs would be beneficial for the industry. These recommendations will ensure that the needs of the agricultural industry are being met and would benefit the industry.