Date of Award

Fall 12-18-2017

Document Type

Dissertation - University of Massachusetts Global access only

Degree Name

Doctor of Education (EdD)


Organizational Leadership

First Advisor

Paul Neal

Second Advisor

Keith Larick

Third Advisor

Sherry Magee


Purpose: The purpose of this study was to identify and describe the implementation barriers, quality of instruction, and faculty preparation of the online College Success Course as perceived by California Community College (CCC) Counseling. Furthermore, the purpose of this study was to identify and describe the challenges and benefits of delivering the Colleges Success Course online in the perception of CCC Counselors.

Methodology: A mixed method research design approach was conducted to examine counseling faculty perceptions of challenges and benefits of online College Success Courses in CCC. The data collections included online survey data techniques to determine counseling faculty perceptions of implementation methods. In addition, the study conducted semi-structured interviews to broaden the understandings of counseling faculty pertaining to training, challenges and online programs preparation for implementation. This study conducted research in four out of 114 community colleges. The 23 counseling faculty drawn for this study selection came from two districts: one in northern California and one in southern California. The chief investigator analyzed the quantitative, and qualitative data on counseling faculty perspectives on the challenges and benefits of College Success Courses online.

Findings: The overall results of the study revealed counseling faculty perspectives are vital to adoption or disengagement to the implementation of College Success Courses online. Additionally, this study determined CCC would benefit from investing in counseling faculty professional development in online curriculum training in three primary areas: (1) course enrichment, (2) course material and (3) pedagogical practices.

Conclusions: Based on the data analysis this study researcher concluded CCC leaders must remember that the implementation of College Success Courses requires integrated faculty development programs driven by institutional data on students, and faculty perspectives.

Recommendations: This study suggests successful implementation of College Success Courses online requires responding to counseling faculty concerns towards integrated technology pedagogical practices through local colleges’ investigation of counseling faculty perspectives on distance learning.