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Fall 9-1-2020


It was thus that a Spring Faculty Retreat became a collaborative meeting-of-the minds where experts and expert practitioners in credentialing, mastery practitionership, and leadership examined, deconstructed, and juxtaposed relevant research, expert opinion, and theory. This resulting work culminated in presentations to the entire faculty on recommendations for crucial skills, aptitudes, attitudes, and actions, for Brandman SOE faculty and students (mostly P-12 teachers and administrators) and the greater educational community across the United States. Upon further examination, what emerged was the unexpected identification of a corresponding concept: Reciprocal Altruism (Trivers, 1971). Further exploration of this construct led to the creation of a new paradigm that potentially offers a unique insight for guiding the future thoughts and actions of educators across a spectrum of academic foci and responsibilities: Professional Reciprocal Altruism in Education.

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